Business design thinking

Business Design Thinking 

Learn how to design and innovate following our award-winning innovation approach. A training program that will provide you and your team with new tools, skills and a mindset to start designing game changing business models.

We combine business with design. That is where the magic happens

Design is becoming as much of a concept as innovation. Ultimately, we believe that design is a powerful approach to looking at the world and tapping into new opportunities to make the world a little better. It’s the job of designers to combine, consider and test new options and take into account the person you’re designing it for. To do all this, you need to use design principles very consistently. Our training programs help you and your team to deepen and develop your knowledge and skills.  

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The results

Innovation skills & method
You have worked with our award-winning innovation methodology and are able to apply the Double Loop Design Process in your daily work.

A customer centric mindset
You know how to quickly understand customers, and what experiments you need to design and conduct to validate your new product or service.   

A rich toolbox
Unlimited access and knowledge of the best strategic visual instruments and canvases. These can be used for all kinds of business challenges. 

A backpack full of examples
You will have a backpack full of examples of how other organizations apply design tools, skills and mindset at a strategic level, including their successes and learnings.

Become a strategic innovator
You know how you can start changing the organization together with your team.  




“Amazing company! All very enthusiastic, talented and innovative people. I participated with the Business Design Thinking training, it was extremely inspiring!”

Marjolijn Jansen – Product Manager | Experiment Designer | Visual Thinker at Guidion   

Program overview 

We’ve created this Business design thinking training to bring the tools and techniques of the Design Thinking approach and our experiences to your team. 

In-company training programs are a great way to up-skill and motivate your team. They are designed specifically to meet the needs of your team and your budget. Delivered at your premises, our expert trainers can scope, create, and deliver courses which meet the specific requirements of your company.

The training days are facilitated in a pressure cooker format. Hence, high in energy, confusing and exciting all at the same time.

Ready to boost the innovation capabilities of your team? Talk with one of our colleagues to build a program that matches your needs. 

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