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20th of May –  Solve relevant customer problems at scale through exponential business models.


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Six times a year we host an inspiring digital session about the ingredients for the business model of the future. Are you curious about your new business model shift? Let us inspire you in 1 hour during BMI• Inspires and gain new insights, energy, and a renewed focus. 


Next edition, May 20th – Solve relevant customer problems at scale through exponential business models.

Most business models are linear, designed to increase profits or decrease costs by 10 percent. With an exponential business model, we think in terms of changes that are 10 times greater or lesser than today’s value—the common shorthand for this goal is simply “10X.”

Taking your business model from 10 percent to 10X isn’t simply about scaling. Often it requires a completely new way of looking at your business and the market it serves.

In this BMI Inspires session, Yves, Michiel and John will take you through the elements that compose exponential business models. To make this come alive, we have the fast-growing startup RTI Blockchain joining us. They apply cutting-edge technology to solve relevant customer problems at scale, enabled by an exponential business model and an amazing team. Get ready for growth!


4.00 PM   Session starts + introduction
4.10 PM   “Solve relevant customer problems at scale through exponential business models” – conversation with Yves du Bois (RTI Blockchain) and Michiel Hoogenboom (BMI•) led by John van Schagen
4.45 PM   Q&A

5.00 PM   End of BMI• Inspires


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