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19 November – Shift happens!

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Every third Thursday of the month an inspiring session about the ingredients for the business model of the future. Are you curious about your new business model shift? Let us inspire you in 1 hour during BMI• Inspires and gain new insights, energy, and a renewed focus. 


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Patrick on stage at BMI Creative Village - strategy and innovation experts

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Twentieth edition, November 19th

Never before has the business world seen so much radical change. This change is accelerating, casting a spotlight on the economy and pointing out the businesses and business models that must adapt or die trying. As business leaders, decision-makers, intrapreneurs, and change agents, it’s up to you to redesign and shift your organizations’ business models to ensure your organization lives on and thrives in the future.

Happy to introduce you to our third book “Business Model Shifts” which is about to launch! On Thursday, November 19th, authors Patrick van der Pijl and Roland Wijnen will serve you the story first hand. It’s a groundbreaking journey of six fundamental business model shifts designed to maximize customer value creation. Engaging you with behind-the-scenes stories and practical examples, offering enlightening insights into how business models and strategies can be re-designed to make an impact in both times of uncertainty … and before the next global challenge.


4.00 PM   Session starts + introduction 
4.15 PM    Keynote ‘Business Model Shifts’ by Roland Wijnen and Patrick van der Pijl
4.45 PM​   Q&A
5.00 PM   End of BMI• Inspires


You will receive an email with the link to our online BMI• Inspires broadcasting. This means that you don’t have to travel to our BMI• Creative Village, you can tune in at 4 PM CET from wherever you are.

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We are looking forward to meeting you online on November 19th.

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