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20th of May – The shift from incremental to exponential

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Six times a year we host an inspiring digital session about the ingredients for the business model of the future. Are you curious about your new business model shift? Let us inspire you in 1 hour during BMI• Inspires and gain new insights, energy, and a renewed focus. 


Next edition, May 20th – The shift from incremental to exponential

Most business models start out their existence with a short burst of exponential growth followed by a long period of linear growth, if they grow at all. However, this does not need to be the case. What if you could inject your business model with some secret sauce that would take it from 10% growth to 10X growth?


4.00 PM  Session starts + introduction
4.10  PM  Making the exponential shift
4.15  PM  Q&A
5.00 PM  End of BMI• Inspires


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