Daan de Geus

Speaker profile

Daan de Geus is a tech-enthusiast and a Strategy Designer at Business Models Inc. He is experienced in adopting Artificial Intelligence (AI) for business in both a corporate and startup context, and is now helping international organizations harness the power of AI through new business models.

Daan takes his listeners through the general implications of AI and how it is applied to create the latest and greatest business models. For this, he uses real-life examples of businesses that have successfully, and less-successfully adopted AI-driven business models. In this way, he helps his audience spot opportunities for adopting AI in new business models within their own context and to avoid common pitfalls while bringing these new models to life.

Daan has delivered keynotes in a variety of international settings, from business forums to board rooms and educational institutes.

"Daan joined us at the European Innovation Academy 2019 Portugal this summer to give a keynote to 500 people about developing their business model. His presentation was engaging and interesting with relevant examples that our participants definitely appreciated. It was obvious that Daan enjoyed being on the stage. If you need someone to talk about various business models at your company or at your event, I would definitely recommend Daan!"

Karin Künnapas - Head of Program Development, European Innovation Academy

I want Daan to rock my stage!