Disrupt your company and industry by innovating directly with partners or customers. Define and execute new innovative offerings that exceed the sum of your (collective) parts.

How might you solve this equation: 1+1=3?

As a single organization, with its own expertise, resources, products, and services, this would be an impossible equation to even consider solving. However, it’s when organizations shift their perspectives and decide to co-innovate with customers and/or partners, that they can truly create market-changing innovations. Co-innovation is the answer to this impossible equation.

Shift your industry via newly formed strategic partnerships, spinoffs, creating platform business models, cross-industry innovation, hackathons, or even mergers and acquisitions.

BMI is your independent platform for co-innovation. We enable multiparty teams to co-create disruptive ideas at the intersections of their worlds to develop solutions that customers need. We provide clarity, focus and create a common language to enable clear strategic choices. Our process supports fast and agile commercialization of your ideas. We provide an end-to-end solution, from identifying the focus area, defining the problem, designing the experience, hosting the location, prototyping solutions, validating with customers, all to achieve clear commitment and next steps.


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