Closing the gap with Equileap

BMI partnered with Equileap to build scalable business models and prepare for financial investment opportunities to enable growth and further social impact.

Client: Equileap

4-day accelerator

Equip a startup with the tools and business models needed for scalable growth

Equileap, an organization aiming to accelerate progress towards gender equality in the workplace, has a proven value proposition; a dataset that not only comprises of over 3,500 organizations, but a scorecard and methodology to actually rate these organizations on the quality of how they treat their employees when it comes to gender equality. This data is licensed to investors and has been used to create indices that reflect investments in organizations that highly regard gender diversity and treat their employees well. Many of the indices are outperforming their benchmarks.


However, in order to continue having this impact, Equileap needed to build business models that were scalable, impactful and appealed to the financial industry in order to gain investment. At this moment Equileap, highly dependent on human efforts of scraping and searching through information, has the opportunity to leverage technologies like automation and A.I. to stay on top of the latest data updates and changes. Not only can they leverage this technology, but they are in the strategic position to utilize their existing operations and data to implement these technologies very quickly.


4- day accelerate with BMI US

The BMI team designed and ran their 4-day accelerator program for Equileap. The program consisted of a deep dive on Equileap’s current value and strategies, designing future options and business models, as well as managing real-time feedback sessions with key stakeholders for future growth. As a precursor to the accelerator, the BMI team also prepped by generating new ideas and business models to prepare for the program.

During the 4 days, we were able to land on a strong new business model to pitch investors. This business model was then put into a pitch deck and tested through meetings with stakeholders in the impact investing ecosystem. After each meeting with investors, the pitch deck was edited and adjusted to optimize impact. During the 4 days, we also incorporated customer validation to identify future value propositions, customers, and business models for the future. Prototypes and financial plans were also developed in order to better define what the ask would be of potential investors and partners.

And because the technology was such an integral piece on Equileap’s new future business models, we also brought in experts on machine learning and AI to validate both upfront investments of this new technology but also the feasibility of implementing this sort of technology given Equileap’s current resources. Some of these experts even offered to continue helping Equileap on their exploration of new technologies!


Data + machine learning; a sounding board for scalable impact

After a 3- day session with BMI US, we were able to build a platform-based business model that not only leveraged the existing strengths that Equileap has, but also new technologies like machine learning to incorporate new data and score even more organizations.

With this new method, Equileap gathers more data, is able to serve more and new customers, and even scale their business models to new areas of the Environmental, Social, and Governance market. That being said, there is a clearly scalable element to this new business model that will appeal to investors, as well as continues to make the positive impact that they have made so far.


Want to find out more about Equileap? Check out the amazing work we’re doing here. And reach out if you’re interested in hearing more about our accelerator programs!

“The 4-day accelerator program provided us with helpful tools and an opportunity to think out of the box. The BMI consultants were quick to understand our mission and core values while pushing us to expand our horizon of business possibilities. We left with concrete outputs and a clear plan for the next steps to scale our business model. BMI’s interactive, detail-oriented and diligent approach makes working with them both a pleasurable and very valuable experience.”

Diana van Maasdijk, CEO and Co- Founder