Chuck Ruud

Speaker profile

Chuck Ruud has an innovative, outside-the-box approach to design and strategy. As a strategy designer, he works with teams to connect the dots, build relationships, inspire change, and tell stories that bring the future to life. As a speaker, Chuck provides interactive keynotes and workshops that deliver the topic at hand in an energetic, meaningful, and connecting way.

How can your organization build resiliency to withstand the rapidly changing context of the world? How to make a shift from providing a product/service to owning the customer ecosystem? And, while improve the community and the world? These are key questions within keynotes with Chuck.

With 16 years of experience – working across industries including fashion, consumer goods corporations, healthcare, non-profits, manufacturing, and technology service companies – he offers a unique perspective on business, design and sustainability through the lens of design thinking and systems thinking.

His creative, design and business background deliver an inspiring mix of new insights, engaging interactive thought experiments and novel solutions. Chuck delivers keynotes and workshops on various subjects: Strategy, design thinking and human-center design, business modeling, healthcare redesign, fashion innovation, trend-watching, and training.

I want Chuck to rock my stage!