Validation support

Dedicated support for experimentation and prototyping based on systematic validation and a strategic launch & grow plan

You want to scale new business models, but don’t want the risk of failure. We help you to fast track your ideas to market, reduce risk and create a faster route to revenue and profitability, so you can exploit a first mover advantage, develop new markets and secure your future relevance and success. We can support you at different levels. We can do the validation for you or coach you from the sidelines.

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The results

Accelerated growth
Validation is a systematic process, which we apply effectively. We accelerate growth by managing the pace and validating the right assumptions and key failure points at the right time, in the right way, and in the right order.

Measurable impact  
We add the right metrics to your project and experiments to measure and monitor results in each growth phase and to anticipate accordingly.

Efficient resource allocation
We provide the frameworks and relevant data to support innovation assessment, resource allocation and go/no-go decision making.

New capabilities 
We transfer our knowledge and expertise and increase the validation power of your innovation team.





“BMI• really accelerated the growth of our new propositions by doing the validation experiments for us. Their knowledge, experience and structured approach was of huge added value. They not only delivered tons of new insights to build on, but also new commercial opportunities by connecting us to potential partners and prospects.”


NEP-Logo-FC-BLACK-RGBRalf van Vegten – Managing Director, NEP The Netherlands 

Project building blocks

Innovation is hard work. Business models and value propositions don’t grow over night, but require fast paced, focused and well-ordered research, testing and experimentation in order to find the sweet spot between desirability, feasibility and viability. That is the place where sustainable value creation takes place. To get there we offer: 


A validation plan 
A clear path to profitability and a well-designed ‘flexible experiment sequence’ to take the path step by step.

Experiment design 
We design, plan, execute and analyze the experiments to test and validate riskiest assumptions and key failure points in your business model idea. Using proven methodology and the metrics that matter.

Prototyping capabilities  
Our creative team and tech partners help you to test your ideas and solutions quickly by rapid prototyping. From mock-ups, mood boards and smoke tests to full pop-up stores, mobile apps and digital applications.

Validation experts 
Our experienced business designers help you to plan the sprints, manage the pace and make progress fast.



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