Design sprint

Short, high-intensive design sprints of one or multiple days to solve your business challenge.  

Do you want to solve your business challenge fast? We design and facilitate sprints for strategic visioning, value proposition design, brand territory & story design, product and service design and related business challenges. The business design sprint can be organized 100% remote and digital or physically in our Creative Village.   


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The results


Concrete solutions and desired results 
We co-create and deliver a concrete solution for your challenge and help you to achieve your business objectives.


Smooth process, great experience  
We are masters of facilitation that deliver the right, frictionless design process, an engaging experience and high-quality output.


We activate your team, boost collaboration, spark creativity and improve team performance.


The right story to share 
We wrap the results in a clear, substantiated and attractive story you can share with your stakeholders.



Working with Business Models Inc has been great. Like no other agency, they are really able to pinpoint and design the distinctiveness of the proposition by really understanding the problem worth solving for the customer and consumer. Also, they did a wonderful job in translating the value proposition on paper to a compelling story in the market. With their co-creation and co-innovation approach they created alignment and clarity across different stakeholders, making us move forward fast.

Johan Winnubst • BAM Infra Nederland bv, GoingDutch

Project building blocks

Our Business Design sprints are based our proven and award-winning design & innovation method and encompass one to several components of it, depending of your business challenge. Each design sprint has the following building blocks.   

Business understanding  
We work from a clear and solid understanding of your business, context and objectives to create business value.  

Design thinking & doing 
We put your customer at the center and design for impact. We effectively apply our Design a Better Business expertise.

Design tooling 
We use the right tools from our extensive tools box to design the relevant strategic discussions and boost co-creation.

Visual working 
We use visual working to structure, create alignment, common understanding and accelerate decision making.


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Client Story

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