Accelerator program

From initial idea to concrete new business model options and launch & grow plan in only one week or a few months

We help you to solve your strategic challenge and create future value fast by accelerating your innovation team toward desired results. With our proven and award-winning innovation method we help you and your team to design, test, build and grow new business models quickly. We increase speed, quality and results and shift your business model to the edge of innovation within this accelerator program. 

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The results

Clear and shared vision 
Based on your strategic objectives and a common understanding of ‘the now’, we create a North Star vision for new future value creation.


3-4 New business models
New concrete business model options and value propositions to give substance to your strategic vision and objectives.


Launch & growth plan 
A clear plan to systematically build, test, validate and grow the new business models in the market.


Engaged and accelerated team 
An activated and engaged team with a new mindset and new innovation capabilities to apply sustainably in your organization.





“We often choose to collaborate with Business Models Inc, because of their design thinking expertise, the creativity in finding solutions to new business challenges and their visual, energetic and fast way of working. They are really ‘part of the team’ take us by the hand and move us forward.”


Hubertien Koopman & Jasper Melchers, Heineken Global Commerce Innovation  

Project building blocks

In a tailormade innovation program with an unique ‘pressure cooker’ approach, we together have the right strategic discussions, design new business models, doing consumer safari’s, build prototypes and run experiments. We support and inspire you with research and our extensive Business Model Innovation database. The accelerator can be organized 100% remote and digital or physically in our Creative Village.   


Research, design & facilitation
We design and facilitate the right process to solve your challenge, leveraging our extensive business model database with inspirational case studies and best practices.


Systematic Business Design 
Our own proven and award-winning innovation method, which we’ve applied successfully for world class companies around the globe.


Experimentation & Prototyping 
Get your design from paper and fast-track it into the world. Get out of the building, talk to customers, test your ideas and learnAgain, and again.


Setting you up for success 
We help you to tell your story, engage your stakeholders
define the next steps and accelerate toward success.



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