BMI• Creative Village

At BMI, we build creative villages anywhere we put our feet on the ground. But, after 10 years it was finally time to transform 700m2 into a place where we can support co-innovation and acceleration at its core. We built a Creative Village in Amsterdam where you will want to wander, explore, and get inspired. Everyday.

Innovation and strategy made easy

The BMI• Creative Village is a brand-new creative space, designed to make co-innovation and acceleration happen.  It’s a space that excites, shifts thinking into doing, and fast-tracks innovation projects within organizations. It’s an experience that embodies the phases of strategy and innovation, and a place that will easily get everyone on board, whether it’s your team, your client or your strategic partners.

The village has six different break-out rooms, each of which fit into a phase of innovation: The Garage, House of Design Thinking, House of the Future, House of Trends, House of Ideas, and House of Prototyping. Each break-out room has the newest tools and devices to bring team facilitation to the next level. The BMI• Creative Village is spacious and can host up to 100+ people.


Curious about what the Creative Village looks like? Check out the after movie of the opening and our 10-year anniversary to find out more about the process of designing our village.

How it started

The world is changing rapidly. We believe that in order to stay relevant, one must innovate to exist. This is easier said than done, because there are fundamental questions about where to start and how to innovate successfully.

We have done long-term research on locations that were focused on co-creation and have a goal-oriented, energetic and visual way of working, yet were still unsuccessful. Despite the challenges, we knew that we could successfully launch our own creative village. We’re driven by ambition and the desire to stay ahead, and by marrying that with our expertise we’ve made a bold move to bring our own strategy and innovation experience space to life. The result speaks for itself. 

See for yourself?

Do you want to experience what it’s like to journey through an area that will tickle your senses; where ideas rapidly shift into value propositions; and where you can get a decent coffee? Please contact us when you are in Amsterdam, we would love to show you around!

I am curious, what the Creative Village can do for my organization