About the Creative Village

How it started

The world is changing rapidly. We believe that in order to continue to exist, innovation must be an essential part of your business. For many, this is easier said than done because where do you start and what is a good way to innovate successfully? And how do you do this together with your colleagues? How do you do this together with partners?

Location is crucial in this matter. We have searched for a long time for locations that are designed for co-creation and in a goal-oriented, energetic and visual way of working but without success. Driven by the ambition to stay ahead and the knowledge that it could be better, we made a bold move: we built our own strategy and innovation experience on more than 700 m2!

The Creative Village is a brand-new creative space designed to co-innovate and acceleration. The Creative Village inspires, converts thinking into action, contributes to the degree of impact and increases the speed of innovation processes within organizations. It is a complete experience that facilitates all phases of strategy and innovation in a specially designed place and that takes everything off your hands: strategy and innovation made easy. We have designed our Creative Village as the ideal location to innovate with your team, your customers and your strategic partners in the search for business models of the future.

The entire space is dedicated to innovation and has 6 different break-out rooms fitting for the different phases of innovation: The Garage, House of Design Thinking, House of the Future, House of Trends, House of Ideas, House of Prototyping. The break-out rooms are equipped with the latest techniques and tools to take facilitation to the next level.

The different spaces and the auditorium offer the possibility to facilitate +/- 100 people.

The Creative Village is always rented out in combination with a presentation or workshop element that we give from Business Models inc.

Experience it yourself

Want to experience for yourself what it is like to walk around in a location that breathes strategy and innovation, where ideas are rapidly converted into validated value propositions, where design is central and where good coffee is served? Then contact us, you are very welcome!

Want to know how The Creative Village could work for your organisation?