Medior business designer

Amsterdam • 3-6 jaar work experience

Making impact 

Driven by making the world a little bit better, one of our business designers was on his way to the Creative Village, ready to rock another day with his favourite client. Being a medior business designer, he works on this ambitious and highly strategic project together with his colleagues and is determined to make it a success.

Today is a big day as the client team is presenting the results of their innovation journey to the board, intending to get funding to bring this new service model to market. Suddenly, the business designers’ phone rings. He receives a text message from the client.

“We’re ready to kick ass! Thank you so much for everything. We’re fully prepared and feel very confident. I’ll text the BMI team after the presentation to tell you guys how it went!”

I can’t believe it has only been three months, the business designer thought. We have done a lot, and look at what we have achieved, as a team, together. The project started with some difficulty. There was quite some pressure on the client team as this was a strategically important but also complex project. The client team didn’t know where to start and felt a bit insecure. Once we designed the north star vision and created the structure to systematically explore, test and validate the ideas, we began to accelerate. Although it was sometimes challenging, he never gave up. He always saw opportunities, energized the team, helped making complex matters simple and walked the extra mile to deliver great content.

I hope the client can get funding, he thought. This service can make a positive impact, and I love to work with these people. It feels like we’re one team dedicated to getting the job done. Beep, beep:

Yes! Our journey continues! The board was super excited and gave big compliments. Thanks BMI team for setting us up for success!

Expanding our reach

Like our business designer, we at BMI are here to help world-class companies like IKEA, Heineken, and MARS Wrigley create new value, seize new opportunities, and be at the forefront of change. We want to continue expanding our reach to help more companies shift towards the fringe of innovation. To help them create new value and impact with, e.g., new plant-based food concepts, new circular business models for furniture, and new technology solutions in healthcare, to name a few. That is why we are looking for new heroes/rebels to join us on our mission. We are looking for game changers and catalysts who can bring their business and design capabilities to help us escort our clients to the unimaginable and unthinkable. It will be terrific for you to be part of our team to help us continue our journey.

Bringing in your expertise 

Are you a strategic smart ass? Can you put yourself in this story? Have you worked in the field design thinking and or innovation? Then we might have a match!

  • You have experience in running (innovation) projects
  • You have a creative mind but also love structure
  • You know what it takes to create impact and change for organizations and teams in the field of strategic innovation, with a design thinking approach and have the work experience to back this up
  • You know how to tell a story
  • You have 3-6 years of work experience
  • And you speak and write fluently in Dutch and English

You need to be based in the Netherlands

Be happy

BMI is an international strategy and innovation agency. Since the start back in 2010, we’re a pioneer in business design. We’ve developed our own proven and award-winning design method, which we applied successfully in innovating with global clients like Toyota, IKEA, NEC, Microsoft, Cisco, Heineken, Audi, Mars, Wrigley and others.

We offer you a team of intelligent and fun people with a shared passion for innovation. BMI embodies a culture of learning, entrepreneurship, and teamwork. For this job, you will be based in our vibrant Creative Village in Amsterdam. A competitive salary, 25 days to spend on holidays (based on a 40-hour contract) a yearly trip with the team to a fun location. But maybe most important of all, work on the coolest and most interesting (international) projects.

Does this sound like your dream job?

Great! We ask you to create a short video pitch (max. 2 minutes) in which you explain why you are the right person for the job. Send your video and resume to We will plan the first interviews based on the videos. We can’t wait!



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