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Innovation is not a one-time effort and will not happen overnight. The innovation blueprint is a holistic approach to embed a lasting innovation capability into your organization. With 6 concrete building blocks, we help leaders to get the support, focus, and effectiveness in their search for new business opportunities.


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A value-driven innovation strategy
Your guiding star, grounded in the organizations DNA, your customer, and the world around you.


Your innovation portfolio mapped out
Managing a pipeline of innovative projects in different stages, with specific customers, enforcing different strategic pillars towards the future.


A systematic stage -gated process
Allowing you to stay focussed on the right activities at the right time, and use metered funding to systematically de-risk innovation.


An innovation investment strategy that fits
Innovation takes different forms and shapes. What is your short-, mid- and long term investment strategy?


The right organizational structure
Where do different types of innovation live within the organization, and how to safeguard a clear handover to the running business?




Project building blocks

After an assessment and intake of the state of innovation, we’ll co-create a blueprint that makes sense for your specific organization. Spread over two half-day sessions, we involve the broader leadership team to anchor the innovation strategy on the right level. We act as your strategic counterpart; once the innovation blueprint is set, we gladly help to implement and make it happen with the right teams.


Assessment of the current state of innovation


First sketch


Strategic sessions with the leadership team


Iteration & fine-tuning


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