Designing digital healthcare experiences at VIEF.

Healthcare start-up VIEF is on a mission to redesign the way healthcare is delivered in The Netherlands. VIEF is a joint-venture between Sensire and Business Models Inc.. We are building a platform that connects consumers directly to the right healthcare provider based on your personal needs. Ready to see how we went from envisioning the future to building an IT-solution together with patients and partners?

For a fitter future.

Did you know that the average life expectancy of a baby born in Europe today is 80.3 years? And did you know that our aging population is not the only challenge our healthcare system is facing at the moment? There is a shortage of personnel, waiting times are rising, and costs are skyrocketing. Leaving us with an ever-growing "care gap" and the desperate need for a full transformation of the system.

A platform business model.

When we first met Sensire CEO Maarten van Rixtel back in 2017 he had a clear vision for a healthcare system that delivers value across the entire value chain.

And this is where VIEF comes in with the introduction of a platform business model. VIEF aims to structure health care according to the specific demands and needs of patients and their caretakers rather than the organizations and professionals. The main objective is to build an IT-solution with a logistical function that allows the entire value chain to shift from organizations to organizing health for patients. Putting you and me in the driver's seat for a fitter future.

"We want to create an IT-platform that is healthy for everybody in the chain. But that puts the patient at the center."

Maarten van Rixtel.
Maarten van Rixtel, Board of Directors Sensire Healthcare.
User experience design.

During the first phase of turning our vision into reality, we interviewed lots of people. From patients to nurses, and from doctors to product and service suppliers. Quickly it became clear that we needed to design an experience for the 'patients': offering them the ability to arrange their own care, whenever they see fit,  and facilitate the rest of the value chain to deliver value to the patient.

With consumers like you and me at the heart of our project we started plotting future customers journey and sketching the service blueprint.

From prototype to first users.

Together with our digital partner we took our service blueprint and started building the first wireframes of the app. We ran different in-market experiments with two of the most important user groups: patients and home care nurses. We validated different concepts and functionalities of the platform dynamics and the app which led to further development.

With the first low-fidelity working application in place, we selected a small group of patients, professionals and product suppliers to run a pilot project in the East of the Netherlands.

"With a pilot in place we put our idea to the test. We gather data and improve both our platform and service offering to all parties on the platform."

Building a healthy business model.

With an official two years in the project we are happy to see the first promising results coming in out of our pilot. That's is why we are currently ramping up our operations to scale. This means we are upgrading our technology, finding the right healtchare providers and attracting the right talent for the job. Our goal is to be able to deliver personalized healthcare to everyone in the Netherlands by 2025.

Do you want to know more about how we are transforming the healthcare system with our joint venture VIEF?

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Arsham Yousif.