Scenario planning.


COVID-19 is hitting us hard and has changed the world around us. We don’t yet know the impact it will have or what our new reality will be. Certainly not for the coming months or years. Needless to say, a lot of uncertainty lies ahead. But… that doesn’t mean we should design for the future. In fact, we must. This is what scenario planning is for.

Scenario planning.

Scenario planning is about designing multiple possible future scenario’s (for your company) in which we extrapolate current relevant context drivers, assess their impact on the current business model and identify threats and opportunities to act on. Normally, scenario planning has a time horizon of 5 to 10 or even 20 years. However, in times of great uncertainty, scenario planning can help you to create your game plan for today and the coming year. 

Lean, highly visual and fully digital.

Scenario planning can be an extensive exercise, but times like this require a swift response. Therefore, we’ve designed a lean, highly visual and fully digital approach to help your boardroom make the right decisions.  

Design and Business.

Scenario planning is where the design and business minds collide. Exploring possible futures with a business model mindset.

Simple and Clear.

No scientific explorations please. We make it easy and tangible for you and your team to have the right strategic conversations.

Digital and Visual.

We create a digital experience with your team and our experts where you are launched into the scenarios that feel and look real.

Explanation by an expert.

Curious about how this might work for you? We’re more than happy to give you a first insight in your high-level strategic options based on possible and plausible key scenarios and to help you to identify where value is next and how to act now.   

Moniek Tiel Groenestege
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Moniek Tiel Groenestege

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