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Ever wonder why some startups scale up from seemingly nowhere and become the leading authority in their industry?

Take Netflix for example, a $194 billion company that Blockbuster could have acquired in the year 2000 for $50 million but didn’t. We all know what happened next… but why?

It’s questions like this that drive our curiosity here at BMI. But how did we get started? What are our values?

We’d like to share our own ‘why?’ with you.

Dead curious

Since he was a youngster, our CEO and founder, Patrick van der Pijl, was intrigued by how some businesses thrived and others either failed or stayed on the same course – never really expanding.

Growing up, his family ran a funeral home business – something that naturally piqued his commercial curiosity. It gave him insight into how companies were both built and run; as well as how success was achieved – or not.

For example, when it became clear that a rival funeral business was profiting greatly – despite being a much smaller outfit – Patrick sought to discover their secret.

As it turned out, the rival business didn’t have any hold sway or influence – they were doing the same amount of business. However, there were fewer staff, and smaller premises – located in a rural area.

It was a simple case of lower overhead, maximum profits.

Seeing how others prosper

After university, Patrick worked as a consultant for Arthur Andersen, a company providing auditing, tax and consulting services. This gave him even more insight into how companies operated.

Through the financial cycle of these companies, he gained a much better understanding into where the value is created. From here he began to develop his own tools which he could apply to create more value for his clients and help them understand their companies better.

Business Models Inc. followed shortly after Patrick decided to address his professional focus in the smash-hit success book: “Business Model Generation,” which sold over 5 million copies.

What started as a one-person operation in 2010 quickly turned into a company with over 50 employees with offices in 4 countries.

His determination to create futureproof business models has led to our continued work with numerous industry-leading companies.

Hands-on solutions

At BMI, we believe that adapting strategies and evolving business models is not only important; it’s essential. The process of value creation, once a linear path, has become a fluid and ever-changing process. In today’s digital climate, a startup business can be founded and achieve stellar success without a large amount of capital to back it up. We’ve seen this happen in many industries.

Just like Blockbuster’s blunder with the Netflix deal, it’s common for any business to develop a tunnel vision around their old business model and lose focus on what’s happening around them.

What they fail to realise is that, although, their product or service might be essential today, it’s important to prepare for any shifts in consumer behaviour, trends, or innovation that can affect your industry.

That’s why we provide strategies and solutions to your big or small business so that you can stay ahead of the curve as the business climate changes.

Business Models Inc. designs our business solutions to:

  • Provide you with a clear vision of strategy and focus
  • Create a blueprint for your sustainable success
  • Help you provide more value with a clear picture of your customers intent
  • Help you define unique opportunities to stay ahead
  • Unlock your growth potential
  • Provide you with a start-up mindset

Where does value come next?

Value comes from innovation, and innovation is a process that requires thought and strategy.

However, it’s difficult to stay fresh when you follow an outdated business model. We are here to shake things up, exploring possibilities, generating fresh ideas, and approaching your business from all angles to find new leads and generate the highest value for your clients.

Our goal is to inspire you to discover new possibilities with a hands-on approach to innovating new products, services, and mindsets to adapt your business to the future.

We use these very same tools we’ve benefited from to help you define what the future holds and how to seize your value opportunity.

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