Masterclass Business Models for the Future

  Friday 13 September 2013 Masterclass Business Models for the Future



Businesses model strategist, Patrick van der Pijl, returns to Australia to present his new advanced-level half-day masterclass, ‘Business Models for the Future: Scenario Planning & Business Models‘ exclusively at Creative3 Forum in Brisbane, September 13. This masterclass builds on his workshop delivered at Creative3 in 2012, and is an advanced level program suited to those wanting to build a strategy for the future.


Advanced masterclass

This is a rare opportunity to learn from one of the world’s leading businesses model strategists, Patrick van der Pijl, who’s energetic and engaging workshops sell out at other major events around the globe. In Patrick’s advanced masterclass you will learn business model design and planning, sensing and seeing the future for better agility, innovation and sustainable advantage, while also making ideas visible, tangible and concrete in the process. The advanced masterclass will be based on learning by doing, through high energy facilitation, content and visuals that aim to get you excited about the experience and motivated to apply the new tools in your field of work. Patrick’s approach is innovative, visual, refreshing and uses design thinking techniques and co-creation. Everything is focused on delivering concrete results in order to accelerate growth and achieve sustainable and future success for organisations.


Scenario Planning & Business Models

This highly interactive advanced masterclass will introduce you to strategic tools for thinking more expansively about your future, while also grounding you in the opportunities and implications for current or future business models. Combining best practices from Scenario Planning & Business Models, you will learn how to systematically invent, design, and transform powerful business models in the context of a rapidly changing and dynamic world.

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