Case: The Sports Consultancy – Strategy and Innovation

 Case: The Sports Consultancy – Strategy and Innovation


The Sports Consultancy has been growing for over ten years. In its earlier days its founders, Angus Buchanan and Robert Datnow found that their entrepreneurial nature allowed them to articulate and design their offer directly against the client need. As the company has grown things have naturally become more codified, more defined, and the organisation has started to fit the client to the service.

In order to continue to grow, the directors recognised the need to take a step back, take a fresh look at the real needs in the market, agree direction as an organisation, and then work on internal changes required to support new ways of working.


Job-to-be-Done (before project):

Have more staff thinking entrepreneurially about creative solutions they can offer to clients in order to help grow the business.


Job Actually Done:

  • Broke down silos and encouraged new ways of working internally to create and deliver more customer-centric services.
  • Designed and implemented a bold new vision and growth strategy, which has company-wide support.
  • Staff thinking more creatively about services connected to organisational direction, and with better systems in place to support them.


Work Done:

Business Model Innovation – 2 Phases

Tools used: Business Model Canvas. Customer Journey Map. Value Proposition Designer. Context Map.

Tangible Outcomes (as stated by client):

  • We are much clearer about where we can add value to a customer within their journey.
  • We use the visual tools that were introduced almost daily as an organisation.
  • We are working better internally across the different service areas. Some areas are now doing business with one-another where previously work was going to external providers.
  • We have changed the physical layout of our offices to increase collaboration and integration. We move people around to work in other teams to increase empathy and potential for new ideas.


Vision and Strategy

Tools used: 5 Bold Steps Vision

Tangible Outcomes (as stated by client):

  • We have a clear vision and strategy and clear workstreams to help us reach our vision.
  • We have added value as an organisation, work better across service areas, and are building new foundations that will support our growth to the next level.
  • The team is really engaged with the company and the strategy.


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