The Intrapreneur vs The Organisation

 The Intrapreneur vs The Organisation

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We’re not long back from the Intrapreneurship Conference, Munich; a three-day event attended by some highly ambitious challengers of the status quo.

The event is one of the many ways the Intrapreneurial Community is being galvanized by organiser Hans Balmaekers, whose team is on a mission to change the way large organisations reach their markets by supporting people who are shaking things up in the world of business.

Intrapreneurship, for those of you unfamiliar with the term, refers to the act of creating and validating new business models from within large organisations. Often led by an individual driven to disrupt the status quo for the benefit of his/her stakeholders, it is a challenging endeavor, and not for the faint-hearted or easily derailed. Corporate Ventures, Accelerators, and Intrapreneurship Programmes are the most common models for supporting the practice, but in reality the ‘lone intrapreneur,’ must win hearts and minds, and the license to operate as they scale their efforts both into the market, and back into their organisations.


We ran a practical workshop “The Intrapreneur vs The Organisation’ where we asked participants to map their internal stakeholders and to apply the design thinking process within their own organisation. For, as those of you operating in large orgs will know, more than half the battle is political.

For those of you interested, here are the slides from our workshop:

We had such a good time that we’ve joined forces with the organisers to contribute to upcoming events in London, San Francisco, and Chicago.

To find practical inspiration from ‘challengers of the status quo’ why not join the launch campaign for our upcoming book ‘Design a Better Business

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