Great Value Proposition Design

 Great Value Proposition Design

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Great Value Proposition Design 

When we were asked to deliver a half-day workshop on ‘Great Value Proposition Design,’ for UX London, we were intrigued. Looking at the past reviews of the Conference it seemed like a melting pot of great business designers, and the line-up for 2016 was no exception: 3-D Animators, Illustrators, Innovators, and of course, UX Designers.

The Value Proposition

We were delivering a session on the Value Proposition Designer, as expanded upon by Alex Osterwalder in his latest book. As one of the most fundamental building blocks in the Business Model Canvas, the Value Proposition is also one of the most complex. Coupled with the Business Model Canvas, these tools have helped a tsunami of projects to design, test, iterate, and validate new products, services, and business models. Great Value Proposition Design leads to great business success. Why? Because only by truly understanding the needs of the customer can we design solutions that last.

It’s easy to say that the customer is at the heart of what we do. But are they really? How often is the user experience really rooted in their needs? How often do we take the time to explore new and challenging ways to engage on their terms? How often do we think we know best? Doug Morwood, of Business Models Inc. UK delivered a well-attended workshop and provided templates, tools and practical exercises to really start working with the Value Proposition in a simple way.

For those of you interested, here are the slides from the workshop, which attracted a large mix of designers and managers:

What did workshop participants learn from the session: 

  1. How to use and apply visual tools such as Value Proposition Designer to create better understanding and  deeper engagement with users and customers.
  2. How to recognize and test assumptions in your understanding of the customer, and your solutions.
  3. How being on the front-line of user design connects back to company strategy.
  4. A simple and repeatable methodology for interacting with users in their world to fast-track results.
  5. A repeatable process for creating a shared language within your teams. 


For more information about in-company training, keynotes, workshops on Great Value Proposition Design contact info.uk@businessmodelsinc.com

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