Social Venture Partners Sacramento
Pitch-Crafting Workshop – Fast Pitch Competition

During our annual pitch-crafting workshop, which culminates in the SVP Fast Pitch Competition, the Business Models Inc. team exceeded everyone’s expectations and really set our nonprofit teams up for success. Through expert presentations, materials, and coaching, each organization left with a new set of tools and skills, which they used to expertly craft their social venture stories. The following standout quote came from one of the fourteen startups in attendance; 'The presentation and exercise had a profound impact on our program. We are now able to pinpoint our target customer and to detail her/his needs. This will help us in all of our marketing material and the program definition.' The Business Models Inc. team proved to be absolutely invaluable to our nonprofits.
Bree Cahill

Bree Cahill, Executive Director

Since its inception in 2008, Social Venture Partners Sacramento has united the power of the business community with the passion of the nonprofit world. At the core, SVP Sacramento is a growing community of engaged venture philanthropists, united by the common goal of providing every child in the greater Sacramento region (USA) with an excellent education.