The Sports Consultancy
Customer Centric Design

It can feel risky to open up strategic discussions to the wider organization – you don’t always know if you’ll hear what you want to hear, and whether you’ll be able to meet expectations, but the team at Business Models Inc have the tools, and more importantly, the experience to make this a very powerful and valuable way to engage an organization in search of its future.
Angus Buchanan

Angus Buchanan, Managing Director & Co-Founder

As we’ve grown it’s been a natural evolution to productize our services and to then look for the clients that fit these offers. We wanted to reverse engineer this and for our team to be thinking about designing solutions from a customer-centric position. Not only did Business Models Inc help us to do this by lifting our gaze collectively to focus on the customer in a new way, but they also helped us to change the way we worked together internally, which was a vital part of creating and delivering this new value to our clients. Following this we engaged them to help us define our vision and strategic objectives, and to cascade this throughout the organization. Since then we’ve had incredible buy-in and ownership of these new initiatives from our staff, who are really helping to drive these workstreams forward and overcome challenges along the way. We’re confident that we can add huge value to both our clients and our own business as a result. Highly recommended!

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