The Challenge

The new Entrepreneurs’ Infrastructure Programme (EIP or the Programme) is the Australian Government’s new flagship initiative for business competitiveness and productivity at the firm level.

With a new government elected in late 2013, numerous industry assistance programs were being abolished or consolidated in an effort to manage a difficult budget and refocus on innovation and self-reliance across business in Australia.

In late 2014 AusIndustry, the Department of Industry’s specialist program delivery division, appointed Business Models Inc. to help design and facilitate the process for merging the two leading industry assistance programs, namely Enterprise Connect and Commercialisation Australia, together into one Programme.

The challenge was to work with existing policy constraints and to shape a cohesive vision and direction for the new Programme, by engaging the 200 strong front-line delivery staff and public officers, to help stabilize an uncertain and difficult situation and provide a roadmap to opportunity and innovation in both product and service delivery.

“It occurred to me that what we were looking at was a shared understanding of the Business Model for EIP and our value proposition.”

Lisa Colley

The selection of Business Models Inc for this challenge, followed the success of a pervious engagement, which saw Business Models Inc train the top Enterprise Connect Advisors on the latest business model design and innovation practices. 


 “The aha moment for me was seeing 200 people all sitting together before me with a high degree of anticipation at the beginning of the Forum in Sydney I have never seen this group so animated and excited.”

 Lisa Colley

How We Helped

Business Models Inc. didn’t propose nor implement an “off the shelf” solution for AusIndustry, however, Business Models Inc. incorporated the most appropriate elements of existing and successful strategy design and training solutions for AusIndustry.

The solution helped answer the “how” question for delivery of services to drive innovation and self-reliance across Australian business. One that comes with built-in buy-in from the participants who feel ownership as co-creators. Where Business Models Inc. aligned the shifting mindset, with tools and skills needed to seize opportunities faster, better and at lower cost.

To deliver this Business Models Inc. engaged staff in a series of strategic conversations and a design workshop, culminating in the need to manage a large 2-day Strategy Forum of people (200) in a process and experience that would inspire and motivate—one that would address the needs of two teams with very different cultures, coming together in an environment that had seen a change of government and waves of change and uncertainty over a 12 month period. Compounding the challenge, the Enterprise Connect team had not been together as a group for nearly two years and were now coming together under a new framework.

The Strategy Forum focused on supporting AusIndustry to find clarity in their aligned vision, and shape understanding around their new business model and value proposition for Australian business, so that they could then shape options for the design and communication of what they do for both internal and external audiences. To support internal communication and translate what was a complex story into a simple narrative, Business Models Inc created the visual language and anchors to provide an overview and clarity around the broad outcomes of the Strategy Forum.

The engagement incorporated the latest thinking in business design and shaping strategy as an experience, utilising the latest tools and skills from Business Model Generation, Value Proposition Design and Visual Thinking.


The Outcome

Whilst the output from the engagement has informed design elements for the new Programme and the language used for the Department of Industry’s communication about the vision and value proposition to the market, the Government is mindful that results will come in stages as the new Programme expands and evolves.

The engagement helped cement Programme objectives and areas of focus for policy and practice solutions, so that the Government could make informed choices around what is right for today and where to invest in new opportunities for tomorrow.

The 2-day Strategy Forum itself embedded the latest tools and skills in business model and value proposition design, across the Department of Industry staff, front line Advisor and other key stakeholders, and directly informed the communication messages for the Programme through to The Hon Ian Macfarlane MP, Minister for Industry, and with outside audiences.

Business Models Inc. continues to work with AusIndustry, as part of its revamped Enterprise Learning initiative, to educate and train their Advisors and Australian businesses on the latest business model design and innovation practices.

“Highly engaged and tailored to our needs are the words that exemplify the experience.  The upfront process of getting really clear on our objectives and designing the programme to work was great.”

Lisa Colley

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