Business Model Innovation in Greater China

 Business Model Innovation in Greater China

Starting this Fall, Aspect Management Consulting (Taiwan) and Business Models Inc., are now officially partners in Greater China, combining global knowledge with local context and experiences to create innovative business models and growth opportunities. 

Designing new business models

From September 2013, Aspect Management Consulting, will bring the innovative methodology of Business Models Inc. to the Greater Chinese market. Patrick van der Pijl, CEO of Business Models Inc. and producer of the worldwide bestseller ‘Business Model Generation’ (written by Alex Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur), started Business Models Inc. 5 years ago. He realized the traditional business model of consultancy was dead, and introduced an innovative business model for consultancy: a one-stop-full-service concept, blending business and design, offering visual, refreshing and energizing workshops based on co-creation, no reports and fixed pricing. Everything is focused on designing better businesses and sustainable business models for the future. This business model will now be introduced to the Greater Chinese market.

Business Model Challenge in Greater China

Adopting an innovative and visual approach, Business Model Inc. has been helping corporate organizations and startups to innovate and re-invent their business in today’s fast changing business environment. Combined with Aspect’s extensive experiences on transformation and redesign of business models and local knowledge, it will be easier to serve organizations in the Greater Chinese market. A market that is mainly focused on efficiency when thinking of designing better businesses: how to make things faster, better, cheaper. In this context, Asia has created many well-known manufacturing-centric companies who are gigantic in scale, but small in profit margin. Since the advantage of manufacturing efficiency can only go to a certain extend, the competitive edge of these companies are vulnerable to environment and economy stability, which, are beyond people’s control. Business Model Innovation will help companies to stay on top of the vulnerability and transform into value driven organizations, from the cost driven ones. We are currently doing transformation projects with multinational companies across 9 industries in the Greater China region.


Partnership kick-off

Following our World Tour that started Down Under, the partnership with Aspect Management Consulting will be kicked off during various events and masterclasses organized in cooperation with Business Next in December 2013 and January 2014:

We hope to meet you during one of our upcoming events!

More information

Please contact our local partner Steve Lin for more information about our activities in Greater China, our events and masterclasses.

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